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Gifts and Activities in Paris

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We have a partnership with My Genie in Paris and Ambiancity to offer you romantic gifts and fun activities to enhance your stay in Paris. Feel free to visit our partner sites to see what they have to offer.

Paris Market Tour and Tasting

Explore the most delicious market in Paris !
Discover the secrets of one of the most typical Parisian markets, the Marché d’Aligre.
We invite you to a food shopping and tasting expedition!

The poetry of a rose

Experience the beauty of 12 long-stem red roses and a bed of rose petals.

Segway Tour Paris - Day or Night

Imagine cruising effortlessly through parks and along sidewalks while receiving a great historical and cultural information about the main highlights of Paris. These tours have limited size so you can count on a great private experience.

Champagne and Roses

Is it your honeymoon, your wedding anniversary or another important event for just the two of you? All you have to do is ask, we have thousands of ideas. While you wait, all the essentials await you: a cosy love nest, champagne and roses.

Gourmet Cooking Class at your apartment

In a relaxing environment, you'll add some new recipes to your repertoire, get new ideas for entertaining, learn new culinary skills that help make cooking easy and fun, and socialize with your friends! The Chef will contact you couple of days before the class and discuss with you the menu.

Bubbles and Bliss

Treat yourself to a unique sensory experience as you take relaxation to exquisite new heights.
Feel and smell the warm, inebriating fragrance of "Susanne aux Bainx" bubble bath upon your arrival.
Taste and listen to the fresh sparkle of a half bottle of champagne on ice.

Paris Open Tour Bus

Visit Paris and all the major places of interest in the city with Paris OpenTour Bus.
Enjoy fantastic views from the open top deck! 4 routes, 50 stops.

"Yes, I Do"

It's finally here, the moment you've been waiting for as you gaze into each other's eyes...To celebrate your love. There's nothing beter than the serene ambiance of your room.
Say "I do" to this ambiance, it will make your wedding as night unforgettable as the most beautiful day of your lives.

Louvre Private Tour

Unquestionably one of the world's great museums, the Louvre is a magnificent setting for some of history's greatest works of art.

Poême Gift Set

Poême is pure inspiration! Discover the pleasure of poetry inspired by desire, putting chocolate to skin, penning delicious messages with delirious passion.
Messages your lover must guess through touch. Jasmine-scented chocolate ink, hand-crafted for Bijoux Indiscrets, transforms each word into a sweet caress, captivating the senses.

Paris Museum Pass

Save time and money ! Access to the most famous monuments and museums of Paris.
No need to wait in line anymore.

Bliss Bliss Gift Set

A sensual gift of blissful pleasure.
Discover the surprising feel of the skin made into pure silk and the sensual power of the play of textures.

Versailles Private Tour

Visiting the Château of Versailles with a private guide will offer you some benefits that you will really appreciate! You will have the opportunity to discover all the secrets of the "Sun King" world famous residence.

"L'eau à Deux" Gift Set

Invite your lover to share a perfect bath and create a highly erotic atmosphere.
A wonderful treat in the most relaxing environment.

Loire Valley Excursion, minivan

Have a day trip in one of the most breath taking and fairy area of France: the Loire Valley with its 42 castles from different periods.

Picnic on the go

A box of Foie gras, quail's terrine and red wine perfect for a romantic picnic date in Paris....

Paris Bakery Class

Discover the secrets of how the crisp baguettes are being made, just right in color and texture and also get the inside dope about the “croissant” by using your own hands in preparing the dough.

Fantasy around a drink

Lobster tartar, foie gras with fig sprinkles.. amazing flavors to discover in this box.
Save hours planning your vacation, let OliverinParis tailor a wonderfull program and itinerary just for you. Free for AhParis customers booking in April: 2 Days/2 Nights complete Program.